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What is the Diner?

The Diner intends to implement a solid and based cryptocurrency in Catalonia. An open, fair and decentralized cryptocurrency that wants to become an alternative, anonymous and digital means of payment for Catalan society, outside the reach of any bank or state, by the people and for the people.

Beyond the current proliferation of cryptocurrency, and with the certainty that in a not too distant future it will be a consolidated reality, a project committed with Catalan society begins – a society that is currently in a moment of change and full of uncertainties. So, the decision of creating the token Diner, the Catalan cryptocurrency, was made.

The potential of the Diner will depend on the acceptance and penetration in the current market. In any case, their uses are infinite and will be implemented depending on future needs.

To achieve this challenge, in the first place, it is necessary to capitalize the project by buying an initial package (preICO + ICO). This step is essential for the consolidation of the cryptocurrency. At this stage, tokens can be purchased at a discount on the starting value and is a unique opportunity to achieve an attractive price, rewarding the people who support the project from the beginning.

Diner will be a cryptocurrency that will operate on the Blocker of Ethereum and therefore will benefit from its advantages over other cryptocurrencies such as bitcoin: transactions will be faster, safer and more efficient. That’s why this technology will be used, providing the cryptocurrency with the latest technological advances through smart-contracts.


Q4 2017

· The market was calling for the need of a Catalan cryptocurrency based on blockchain technology addressed to businesses and individuals. The idea of Diner was born (DIN).

Q1 2018

· The release of Diner is made public.
· Opening webpage.
· Finishing the whitepaper.
· Sale of tokens (preICO) of Money (DIN).
· The team is formed to carry out the cryptomoneda project.

Q2 2018

· Consolidation of the founding and R&D team
· Official presentation of the ICO
· Entry into the various exchange platforms.

Q3 2018

· Programming APIs for different platforms.
· Increase in the development team.

Q4 2018

· Launch and implementation of applications for users.


· Consolidate Diner as a reference cryptocurrency by Catalans.


The people working on this project are Catalan professionals specialized in new technologies, engineering and cryptography, forming a team that is committed and with extensive experience in technological projects and of an innovative nature.

Unlike other cryptocurrencies, due to the lack of current democracy and the possible retaliation, we have decided to protect our identity with the unequivocal goal of materializing this project without interferences and create a cryptocurrency committed to the people at the disposal of Catalan society.

The Diner project is in its gestational stage and there are constant ideas and contributions that will be implemented in the roadmap. That is why all the effort and enthusiasm will be devoted to converting the Diner into a reality.


The Diner project looks for media figures who want to publicly support the project, if you think you can add a value, do not hesitate to get in touch with us.